Cruckton Hall already existed on this site in the 17th century. In 1672, Thomas Harries (†1694) was living in Cruckton’s "big house", as he was paying 16 shillings Hearth Tax for eight hearths. In 1684 the house consisted of hall, parlour, kitchen and servants’ wing, and was two storeys high with lofts over.

In the 1770’s, Thomas’ descendant, The Reverend Edward Harries, had the Hall "almost new built", enlarged and in red brick, in the Georgian style as seen today. He added the stable block and its clock tower and a dovecote in front of the house. He used some of the earlier house’s internal structure as the ground floor. Ceilings in the present Hall’s west wing include early 17th century beams. There were various additions until about 1900 when a billiard room was added. After the estate was split up and sold in 1929, the Hall continued to be a private house, owned and occupied until 1947 by Mrs Marion Cock, JP, (Shrewsbury’s first woman Mayor). From that year until the 1970’s it was run as a children’s nursery by Shropshire County Council. The Hall has been a residential special school for children since 1978.

Cruckton Hall School was founded in 1978 by Mr. Ken Butler, his son Mr. Peter Butler and the Headmaster Mr. Ian Barrett.

Cruckton Hall has been part of Kisimul Group Limited since 2009.